THE ‘CA’TERPILLAR EFFECT is an upcoming web series on a student’s life . The Story revolves around an Introvert, who is always confused about the choices he has to make in life and who always depends on others to decide for him. His life takes a drastic turn, when he decides to join Chartered Accountancy (CA) course without interest, which finally leads to his demise.

Written and Directed by – Vikas Thippani –

Produced by – COMA Productions –

Dialogues – Koundinya Sista –

Cinematography – Kool Swaroop –


Editor – Vinay Thippani –

Music Director – Chandra Prakash Mogilisetty –


Ajosh Mora –

Vikyath –

Shreya Cormaty –

Rama Rao –

Hemanth –

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Troll CA –

Project Veda –

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Planetfinance –

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